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Welcomes BoulderAstrologer
Lisa Schiavone

Yods, An Invitation to Mastery

Thursday Lecture, Nov 15 @ 7:15 - 9 pm

Naropa Nalanda Campus Room 9248

Lisa Schiavone will share a practical application of interpreting one of the most elusive energy constructs in chart-reading. "The Finger of God" indicates an evolutionary leap that your clients can harness for their personal growth. 

The Yod, also known as the 'finger of fate" or finger of God" is a rare astrological aspect  that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope chart that form an isoceles triangle.  The midpoint along the sextile presents a release point.  The Yod indicates powerful mystical forces where something hidden is forced to the surface to be dealt with, hence this invitation to mastery!

 Lisa Schiavone has been an avid student and teacher of everything archetypal for nearly 30 years, from Archetypal & Evolutionary Astrology to Projective Dreamwork to Archetypal Hypnotherapy and Experiential Shamanism. Her specialty is Archetypal Journey work -  helping people to bring forward the innate gifts indicated in their own chart, to mitigate the challenges and to assist in evolving consciousness.  She is a graduate and former Academic Director of the Archetypal Academy, a school of Archetypal Counseling and Psychotherapy, strongly based in astrology. Her focus for the last decade has been teaching  astrology and healing arts to teens and adults as an alternative to drug and alcohol use. Lisa has a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary private practice in Boulder, InnerVision Healing Arts.   Lisa is also our Program Director, serving on ROMA's board. 

Naropa Nalanda Campus, 6287 Arapahoe Ave. (63rd & Arapahoe), Room 9248, Boulder CO,

Cell/text 720-989-8822